Secondary Medical School Subotica

The secondary medical school began its work in 1958 in Subotica. The main task of the school was to prepare and improve students for nurses in health and social care institutions and the patronage service.

School day

Medical School Day is May 12, International Nurses Day, which is celebrated on the birthday of Florence Nightingale, who fought throughout her life for the advancement of her profession and women's rights. Due to dedicated work, advanced ideas and commitment, she is considered the originator of modern nursing.

Teaching languages

In the Secondary Medical School, classes are held in three languages: Serbian, Hungarian and Croatian. School year 2022-23. In our school, 12 classes attend classes in Serbian, 8 in Hungarian and 4 in Croatian. World languages ​​are really important to know and speak, however, it is even more important to speak the languages ​​of your first neighbors.

Educational bases

Thanks to the understanding and long-term cooperation, the Secondary Medical School conducts practical classes, exercises and block classes in the teaching bases:

Subotica General Hospital
Subotica Health Center
Subotica Pharmacy Benu
Pharmacy Galen Farm

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